Master Gunsmith Services

At a very simple definition, a gunsmith is a person who makes or repairs firearms. The industry is flooded with people whose only credentials are that they have taken an online course, or because they are handy with tools, have declared themselves a gunsmith.

A senior, qualified gunsmith will have many years of hands-on experience with well rounded skills as a mechanic, metalworker and even woodworker, in addition to a deep and intimate understanding of firearms mechanics.

At Revelation Arms, we draw upon 30 years of experience to offer a full range of gunsmith services – far beyond the capabilities of most so-called gunsmith shops. The team at Revelation Arms has worked on several thousand firearms. That’s a level of expertise that is hard to match.


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A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds firearms. This occupation is different from an armorer. The armorer primarily maintains (disassembly, cleaning) weapons and limited repairs involving parts replacement and possibly work involving accurization. A gunsmith does factory level repairs, renovation (such as applying metal finishes), and makes modifications and alterations for special uses.

Gunsmiths may be employed in:

  • factories by firearms manufacturers
  • armories by military or law-enforcement agencies
  • sporting goods stores, or
  • small gunsmith shops, as either the owner, or as one of a handful of employees.

To pursue the entirety of this trade, a gunsmith must possess skills as a mechanic, a metalworker, a woodworker, and an artisan; be knowledgeable in shop mathematics, ballistics, and chemistry; and be capable of working accurately and precisely. Those who are (self-)employed in small gunsmith shops must also possess skills as small business operators; work effectively with a wide variety of customers; and remain abreast of, and comply with federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and requirements.