Revelation Arms designs and builds the highest quality silencers available today.

What is a silencer?


A silencer, also referred to as a suppressor, is a device attached to or integrated into the barrel of a firearm to reduce the amount of noise and flash generated when firing the weapon.

A silencer works by slowing down the escaping gas, which also reduces the velocity of the bullet.

When a gun is fired, the gunpowder behind the bullet is ignited which creates an expansion of high-pressure gas. It’s the pressure of the gas that forces the bullet down the barrel. When the bullet exits the barrel, the pressure behind the bullet is powerful enough to make that loud noise associated with the shot.

A silencer, properly attached to the gun, has 20 to 30 times the volume of the gun barrel, giving the gas behind the bullet room to expand. When the gas expands, the pressure drops significantly. When the bullet finally does exit the silencer, there is much less pressure and therefore, the sound of the gun firing is much softer.

Revelation Arms carries an inventory of high-quality silencers manufactured at our facility in Aloha, Oregon. Call us to see if we have one that will work for your gun. If not, we can easily custom manufacture a silencer to suit your needs.

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