Revelation Arms offers professional knife sharpening. This service is offered for all types of hunting knives, folding knives, serrated and plain edges, and all kitchen cutlery.

If there is damage to the edge of the knife, such as a broken tip or a nick in the edge, we can remove nicks and repair broken tips in many cases. In some cases, it is better to leave a nick in the edge as it will come out after sharpening it a few times, unless it is just too deep.

Revelation Arms offers a full range of professional gunsmith services.

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Our seasoned team of professionals takes great pride in our work, from the smallest repair services to the most challenging museum quality restorations. Customer satisfaction is our guiding principle, and we have an excellent reputation for delivering the highest quality service at a fair price.

Knives get out of shape as they are used over a period of time, but good knives can be repaired to the point of offering many years of additional service.

We can also reshape certain knives. For example, we can reshape the edge to make a chef’s knife cut from guard to tip, most notably on J.A. Henckels forged cutlery as well as other brands.

Broken tips on folding knives are always a challenge, but we’ll give it our best effort. If you are not sure about a particular knife, take a picture and email it to us. We’ll always give you our best effort.

Pricing: Prices are to give you a general idea. An actual quote will be given once we see the condition of each individual knife)

Kitchen Knives: $1.00 an inch of the cutting edge rounded up to the next inch on all knives.

Sporting Knives: $2.00 an inch of the cutting edge rounded up to the next inch on all knives.

Serrated Knives: same pricing, but all we can do is touch up the edge, however, in almost all cases, we can still get them pretty sharp. Minimum of $2.00 a knife.


  • Knife sharpening is not offered for ceramic blades or paper cutters.
  • We cannot remove scratches on the side of your knives.
  • If rusted, we can clean the item, but all the pitting underneath will still remain so the finish will still be uneven and it will rust again.

The most frequently asked question:

How long will my knives stay sharp after having them sharpened?

The short answer is that it’s impossible to say. It only takes a couple of cuts on a glass, granite or other hard cutting board or surface to dull your knives. Please understand that depending on what you are cutting and what you are cutting into will determine how long the knife will stay sharp, along with using a steel to keep the edge up. If you don’t follow these guidelines, they will dull pretty fast no matter the quality of the knives you have. Use soft wood or soft plastic cutting boards only.